Last Request (WVMP Radio, #0.6)

Jeri Smith-Ready

A friend of mine who loves this series suggested that I read this short story as an introduction to the series.
I enjoyed the theme of the story. Many music references were mentioned and for me it was like a walk down memory lane. I was a freshman in High School when this took place and remembered my grief when the mentioned Kurt Cobain took his own life.
The story was dark balanced with the light banter style dialogue. I did feel as if the dialogue was dumbed down, not the maturity level of a 28 yr old addict who wished to take his life.
The ending left me wanting more information on Shane. It had it's intended affect, I want to know more about Shane, therefore I will keep reading.

Jeri Smith-Ready:
I have read and loved her young adult series and I will try out her others as well. This is definitely an Adult Urban Fantasy, so beware of the content of this free short story.

They say depression's in your head, meaning your brain. But it doesn't feel like it. Okay, maybe a little around the edges of your face, at the corners of your eyes. But mostly it settles deep in your core, below the spot where your last ribs meet. It's like a stone, but not solid. It grows and pulses whenever your thoughts stray to the future.

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