The Night Strangler

Dallas Releford

Cecil Pardon, a brutal serial killer and murderer has killed more than forty beautiful women. A few people claim that he is not human, that he is the descendent of a family of werewolves and that he does not fear death in any form. When he attacks Denise Morgan, the daughter of a rich and powerful publisher, she launches an aggressive campaign against him to bring him to justice. Brandon Cotton, a handsome and masculine homicide detective attempts to assist and protect her while he endeavors to win her love. Denise claims she does not have time for anyone until the Strangler kidnaps her. When Brandon comes to her rescue, she casually warms up to his advances. When they discover that Pardon really is a werewolf, they become desperate to capture him before he can kill other women. Pardon is constantly hounded and haunted by the ghosts of his previous victims. They insist that he surrender to the police and tell them where he buried their bodies. Pardon realizes that he is up against something beyond his control and the thought terrifies him. The final battle between the forces of evil and the armies of good involves the werewolves facing the ghosts of Pardon's victims, the police and dozens of ghosts of Civil War soldiers Pardon has called on to assist him in his battle for survival.

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