Dead Man Running (Mack Bolan The Executioner, #64)

Stephen Mertz

Mack Bolan returns from Russia to find the CIA has lifted its liquidation mandate. He is granted a stay of execution - in twelve hours.

But no one can stay The Executioners hand as he sets out o nhis mission of revenge in Washington. His target: a KGB mole responsible for the attack on Bolans base and the death of his greatest love, April Rose.

Not only has the Soviet spy penetrated the inner circle of the U.S. President, but Bolan finds Moscows Department of Terror in bed with his oldest enemy - the American Mafia.

The Stony warrior rains a hellstorm of death on the midnight streets of D.C., ending in a stunning climax at the Oval Office.

The Executioner is in the city of lies. And he has come to spill blood - drop by treacherous drop.

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