Captain America

Mark Waid

Coming off of a high from reading the incredible Mark Waid story, Superman: Birthright, I decided to dig into some earlier Waid. Yikes. Had the art (and especially the coloring) been less bland and ugly, this could have been a solid "liked it." As it stands the uninspiring visuals exposed the weak writing. I wonder if it isn't really Waid's fault, and if writers were hamstrung by awful story editors at these major comics companies, because it seems like most of Marvel's output was pretty bad at the time.

Some notes: How does the Red Skull spit so well without lips or cheeks? Why is Captain America such a passive aggressive a-hole on the last page? Does a huge explosion caused by the cosmic cube really sound like "ska-THOW!" In 1995 does the tough-as-nails super-spy, Sharon Carter, have to look like an 80s stripper?

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