Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary/medical Terminology

Barbara A. Gylys

The new edition of this classic text uses a word-building and body systems approach to help your students learn medical terminology and achieve a high level of competence. It combines the format of a classroom teaching text with that of a workbook, focusing your students on the terms you want them to learn while also helping them develop an extensive medical vocabulary on their own.

Key Features

* Uses word-building and body systems approach to teach terminology
* All new, full-color illustrations allow your students to understand the relationships between body parts and key structures of the body
* Medical records added to each body system chapter show your students how terms from medical records might be used in real-life situations
* Key terms added to the front of each chapter for quick review
* Flash card activity in every chapter enhances learning
* Common psychiatric terms are now included
* All-new audio CD includes Listen-and-Learn activities to help students with pronunciations
* Over 500 new audio pronunciations
* Extensive coverage of pathology helps students better understand human diseases and the medical terms pertinent to each
* Full learning package includes the text with audio CD-ROM to reinforce spelling, pronunciation, and meaning of the word all at once; along with Interactive Medical Terminology 2.0 CD-ROM, complete with crossword puzzles, drag-and-drop terminology exercises, and word scrambles
* Fully revised table format speeds learning and increases retention
* Includes a new appendix containing an alphabetical listing of generic and trade drugs, and includescorresponding pages in the text as a references

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