Bob the Destroyer of Leads (Lyon Road Vets, #2)

Sue Brown

Bob, a beagle with attitude, has a very bad attitude. He eats through every lead purchased by his despairing owner, Will Duffy. One moment he is walking to heel, the next he is a free dog, triumphantly tearing down the road with Will chasing after him.

It's a great game for Bob until the day he breaks through lead number ten and is hit by Lawrence Taylor's car as he runs across the road, leaving Bob is left unconscious and his back leg broken. Will has to ask Lawrence for a lift to the vets, and endure the man's scolding all the way there. Even worse, Will discovers Lawrence is a dog trainer!

Bob ends up in a cast and is forced to wear the cone of shame. Of course, Lawrence thinks all Bob and Will need are dog training classes, except Bob hasn't met a trainer yet he couldn't break. Is Lawrence man enough for the job?

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