Under the Yoke (Draka, #2)

S.M. Stirling

I wrote a long review of this book and Goodreads ate it.I have to start writing the reviews in a word processor and pasting them here.This has happened too many times.Here's the shorthand version of the review.

Better than the first book.

It concentrates on Draka consolidation of new territory, especially on the domestication of their new slaves.Draka are bastards.New generation of Draka think that its their birthright.They see themselves as becoming a kind of philosopher king after the entire world has been subjugated, but along the way they blithely witness and inflict mass impalings, horrible tortures, gang rapes, and its all just a logical consequence of being supermen.

Stirling does very well by taking seriously what it might mean to create a society of Zarathustras.He makes them totally repugnant, but also manages to make them more than one-dimensional.He also does very well showing a wide range of reactions among their subjects, from defiance to a kind of passive resistance to acceptance to allegiance, and all for different and believable motives.

The plot, a spy story involving secrets on microfilm, is pretty thin, but its there as a skeleton on which Stirling can hang his outlines of the developing Draka plantation society.That picture is done nicely, even if its subject is repellant.

I will definitely move on in the near future to the next book in the series.

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