Wayward Love (A Sweet Mail Order Bride Western) [Kindle Edition]

Claire Charlins

Fair book.Estelle Winthrop had it all: a nice home, a loving family, and her childhood sweetheart, Holden.Then Estelle receives a letter from Holden, telling her he’s leaving her to seek his fortune out west.Devastated, Estelle swears never to love another man.

Five years later, Estelle sees an advertisement for a mail order bride by a “Reverend Holden Parker”.Could it be her Holden?Writing under the name “Elizabeth” to find out, she is swept away as her old love for Holden resurfaces.Then Holden asks “Elizabeth” to marry him and join him out in Colorado at his first church assignment, and Estelle can’t say no.

When his bride-to-be steps off the train, Holden Parker is none too pleased to discover that she’s really Estelle, who he heartlessly abandoned years before.She is a reminder of his past, and the dark secrets he has kept all these years.Despite his rejection, Estelle won’t leave, and he is terrified that his past will catch up with him, and threaten the new life he’s built as a faithful Christian and pastor of his own church.Now he is forced to face his demons every day…and watch as the bachelors of the town are drawn to Estelle like moths to a flame.

Will Holden unburden himself, and truly accept the forgiveness of the Lord?Or will fear and tragedy prevent him from ever telling Estelle the truth?

[A sweet inspirational western historical short novel. Twice the length of Pearl of Promise!]

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