Lack of Money is the Root of All Evil

Andrew Leckey

An avid buyer and seller of stocks, Mark Twain loved to poke fun at the financial markets and the irresistible urge of speculation. He was fascinated by scoundrels seeking to snatch the money of others, with two prime examples of this being the King and the Duke in the great American novel Huckleberry Finn. Mark Twain was born in poverty. Through eclectic business endeavors and smart investing, he amassed great wealth by age 50. He went bankrupt at 60, and became wealthy again at 70. He prospected for silver, sold his own books by subscription and took out patents on numerous inventions. His occupations included riverboat pilot, printer, and travel writer.Using the words of Mark Twain, Andrew Leckey — an accomplished financial journalist known to millions for anchoring CNBC — imparts the lessons today's investor can learn from Twain. Leckey has combed Twain's novels, stories, speeches, and letters for telling sayings about making, saving, guarding, and growing money. The book will be humorous and fun to read as it offers down-to-earth advice — as Leckey puts it — it will be as if Warren Buffett met the Beardstown Ladies.

Among the slices of timeless investment wisdom, Twain-style:
— Divide and conquer your portfolio.
— The law of averages eventually makes you right.
— He who hesitates can save a lot.
— Every period in history had fool's gold.

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