Bradley's Whistle (Pornstars of Romance, #2)

Kirsty Dallas

ETA 2015 - Can be read as standalone

Bradley Emerson was living the life. It might have been a slightly illegal, somewhat dangerous life, but he was still living it. He had the stylish apartment, Armani suits, and more money than you could shake a stick at.Everything was right with the world until a certain gorgeous, leggy brunette porn star put the kibosh on his seemingly perfect existence. She dumped him. LEAH...DUMPED...HIM! Now he’s brooding and pissed off, and his whistle…well, there is no way its whistling for another porn star.

Wiska James was the new girl on the block. A tiny, blue eyed pixie of a porn star whose lack of wit and street smart was made up for in spades of lovable sweetness. Only this time she’s really screwed up and is ushered from the U.S to the U.K by one outrageous gay man and his board-game Nazi boyfriend. All of a sudden she finds herself under the exasperated gaze of Decker Steele’s mysterious, yet smoking hot best friend.

Bradley might not want another porn star in his life, even if his whistle does and Wiska might not be the brightest bulb in the box, but with the help of Cupid, robed in brightly colored spandex, they just may be perfect together.

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