Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook

Fuchsia Dunlop

Fuchsia Dunlop is the author of the much-loved and critically acclaimed Sichuanese cookbook "Land of Plenty," which won the British Guild of Food Writers Jeremy Round Award for best first book and which critic John Thorne called a seminal exploration of one of China s great regional cuisines. Now, with "Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook," she introduces us to the delicious tastes of Hunan, Chairman Mao s home province. Hunan is renowned for the fiery spirit of its people, its beautiful scenery, and its hearty peasant cooking. In a selection of classic recipes interwoven with a wealth of history, legend, and anecdote, Dunlop brings to life this vibrant culinary region. Look for late imperial recipes like Numbing-and-Hot Chicken, Chairman Mao s favorite Red-Braised Pork, soothing stews, and a myriad of colorful vegetable stir-fries."

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