Debt-Proof Your Marriage

Mary Hunt

Written for beginners of financial planning (exactly where I am), this book suggests ways to discuss money with your marriage partner, and provides methods to save, spend, and record your current spending practices. The tone of the book is extremely conversational, especially the first half of the book. The second half is the better for me, and provides practical options for devising spending plans, creating a freedom account, and looking at ways to start saving money. The second half of this book is extremely useful and I'm excited to start trying this ideas in my own life, with my new wife!
Update: my wife has pointed out to me how sexist some of Hunt's observations are. Definitely do not read this if you want to chart a different route to saving money with your partner. Or read it with a punch of salt, not any less. Hunt's financial tips are worthwhile, but her basis is often way off the mark for people who are not traditional-minded couples. Women and men may contribute to a financial decision, for a variety of reasons.

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