Along Came a Husband (Mirabelle Island, #4) (Mirabelle Island, #4) (Harlequin Superromance, #1640)

Helen Brenna

Missy Charms just got the shock of her life. The man she thought was dead has turned up on her doorstep.Her ex-husband—Jonas Abel.

Four years ago, Missy Charms fell hard for Jonas. But his FBI job always came first. Missy only wanted—still wants—a home and family. Jonas isn't husband material, not even close. And now his latest undercover mission has trailed him to Mirabelle Island. With both their lives on the line, Missy knows she's been fooling herself. She loves Jonas as much as she ever did—maybe more. His return also means finally admitting the truth: she can't lose him again....

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