Just One Look, a sweet, flirty contemporary romance

Shannon Hollis

If you enjoy books by Sophie Kinsella, Lucy Kevin, or Carly Phillips, you'll love the Moonshell Bay series—sweet, flirty contemporary romance novels by award-winning author Shannon Hollis.

Hired by a computer company to find out who is stealing valuable technology, private investigator Duncan Moore is convinced that Mallory Baines’s neighbor is his suspect. The problem is, he has no proof. So he asks if he can rent the upstairs bedroom in her tumbledown Victorian house as a surveillance post. Mallory isn’t sure she wants a hot, single guy in her house 24/7 ... although her matchmaking family certainly is. They’re ready to throw the engagement party!

All he wants is to catch his suspect with the stolen goods. But Duncan isn’t prepared for how distracting and unique Mallory is. When his surveillance of her—er, his suspect—begins to show signs that Mallory might be involved with her neighbor, Duncan knows he’ll have to get even closer. Lucky for him she’s so easy on the eyes … because he’s going to need more than just one look.

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