The Territory of the Historian

Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie

"There cannot be much serious doubt that in the last twenty years Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie has been one of the most—if not the most—original, versatile, and imaginative historians in the world. He has also been one of the most productive books, articles, and reviews by him have poured forth in an unending stream. Recently, moreover, he has acquired an almost unique capacity to capture the imagination of a mass audience, while still retaining the respect and admiration his professional colleagues.

"The first thing that strikes one about these essays is the astonishing curiosity and inventiveness that inspired them.... The contents burst exuberantly out of [all] attempts at classification."
—Lawrence Stone. New York Review of Books

"Any new book by Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie is an event.... These essays sparkle with intelligence and unexpected information as they range from a study of military recruits in the 19th century, to the history of rain and tine weather, and to a discussion of attitudes toward death."
—Douglas Johnson, New Society

"From the population of early modern Paris to.... agricultural productivity and climatology, our lively guide takes us backward and forward, in time, space, and choice of subject matter.... For all his zeal, he remains immensely good humored, supple and fresh in his intellectual approach
—Franklin I. Ford, American Historical Review

Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie is professor of history at College de France, He is the author of numerous other works, including The Mind and Method of the Historian which is available from the University of Chicago Press.

Translated by Ben and Sian Reynolds

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