Anything Goes

Brian Gallagher

The key to Neysa McMein is Marjorie Moran McMein from Quincy. Gallagher is unable to give us a lot of insight into McMein's early years. Her father was a drunk and her mother was overly religious. McMein was brought up by family friends and relatives until she migrated to New York. In New York, McMein changed her name to Neysa and became a sought after illustrator.

She was known more for her friends than for her talent. There is speculation that Neysa had numerous lovers; however, Gallagher does not have definitive evidence of this.

McMein and her husband, Jack Baragwanath, had an open marriage. It seems that it was open more on Jack's side than on Neysa's. There is speculation that McMein, Jack and George Abbott has a menage-a-trois; however, there is no proof.

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