Unwilling Germans

Robert R. Shandley

The Germans are a bit "touchy" about that whole Nazi thing...so when Daniel Goldhagen wrote "Hitler's Willing Executioners," a brilliant book about how ordinary Germansparticipated in killing Jews during WWII, German reviews were defensive, to say the least. This book collects many of the articles about the book that appeared in Germany. Most of the reviewers are in denial. Big time. But then most of the reviewers had parents or grandparents that participated in the atrocities...hmmm...But the most interesting thing is despite the overwhelmingly NEGATIVE reviews the book received, the German public responded POSITIVELY. They packed Goldhagen's lectures when he went on a publicity tour throughout the country. The young people weren't afraid to examine their history and they didn't buy some lame-ass excuse about following orders. Maybe the children are our future...at least they won't turn out to be dirty Nazis...

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