The Illusions of Confusion

Charles Payne

Family Issues, Post-traumatic Stress, Coping and Overcoming. Charles Payne returned home on a thirty day leave from the Army. There was no war that could prepare him for what he faced. Realizing his life savings was gone he sets out to find the truth. Only to find himself caught in a true to life murder plot. After being shot in the neck at point blank range, this young man finds himself in a terrifying deadly race for his life. After surviving the shooting is where the true test of his life begins.

It's estimated that seven million people in the United States alone suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. Recent strides have been made through research to help people with this disorder. Unfortunately, not enough has been done and many of us still suffer in silence. I am one of these people, and this is my story. Although there is no cure for post-traumatic stress disorder we can learn to cope and live productive lives.

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