The Comfort of Home for Chronic Heart Failure

Maria M. Meyer

Chronic heart failure is a complex condition that causes the body to deteriorate. When a person is diagnosed with the problem, it's essential that they learn to pay closer attention to their health and make necessary changes to ensure a better quality of life. They can't do it alone, though, so the caregiver's guidance and support is crucial to the patient's ability to follow through with the doctor's treatment plan. "The Comfort of Home for Chronic Heart Failure" helps family members and professional caregivers provide the best at-home care possible. It offers an overview of the condition and its treatments and therapies, and then guides the caregiver through essential topics such as understanding the treatment plan, setting up the home for optimal ease and mobility, equipment, diet and nutrition, moving or positioning the patient, daily activities, and end-of-life care. A chapter on caregiver burnout contains tips and coping strategies to prevent this all-too common condition.

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