The Girlfriend Contract 2

Lucy Lambert

Episode 2 of The Girlfriend Contract

Gwen feels like she's solved one problem only to create a bigger one. And that problem's name is Aiden Manning.

Sure, he paid her the money she needed to not be evicted. She can stay in her apartment and continue going to school. That would be great, if only she could get Aiden out of her head.

And what makes it worse is that while she feels like there could be something more between them than a signed contract, Aiden doesn't agree. Is he holding something back, or is this really just a business deal to him?

The lie grows as she explains herself to people, like her father, and to Beatrice.

And Aiden's father, Bradley Manning, certainly isn't making things any easier. Gwen can tell he knows the truth. And it's downright dangerous to play a game like this with a man as rich and powerful as he is.

Gwen finds herself wondering if it was really worth it, signing that dotted line...

Please note this series is intended for mature readers.

PLEASE READ: The Girlfriend Contract is a serialized new adult story told in episodes of approximately 20,000 words each (novella length).

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