Elizabeth's Pain and Pleasure (Elizabeth’s Sex Stories, #3)

Nikki Sex

Please note that I read this as part of Elizabeth's Bondage Boxed set.

I love how vividly this author writes.Every time I pick up one of her works I am thoroughly entranced by the well written and evocative words that she puts down on the page.She walks a fine line with her subject matter, yet presents everything realistically and with great tact.Being as this series of novels is being told from Elizabeth’s perspective, it is over the top at times.However, by the end everything has drawn together into a brilliantly cohesive whole that you can’t help but marvel at.

The character development in this novel is completely off the wall.The main character is very well developed.You get to know about her past and how she lives her day to day life.You really feel that you know her.You also learn more about her as she learns more about herself.The development of the male leads is also quite well done.They remain quite mysterious throughout the novel.One because, although spoken of throughout doesn’t make a large appearance until the end.The other, because he is phenomenally, exquisitely, sublimely mysterious, and that is what makes him who he is.This is really a unique experience in character development, and works phenomenally with the story at hand.

Overall the different books in this boxed set flow together seamlessly.There’s just enough overlap that you can read them alone without scrambling to remember what had happened previously.However, since the author does her recap in the form of memories and replays on the part of the characters they can be read as a single novel without any redundant overlap.Together these novels combine to become one great escape from reality.

Please note that I received this novel free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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