The LITClub Tool Box (LITClub #3)

Ali Dent

There's no need to be an expert in classical literature to get the full enjoyment and benefit from your classical literature club. Read The LITClub Tool Box to find out how you can transform reading into an experience for your family and friends. The book explains five simple tools that will help you create your reading community where friendships will grow and reading comprehension and critical thinking will mature. The best part is the fun everyone in the family will have once a month at the meetings.

Classic books are packed full of juicy topics for parents and kids to talk about before coming to the meeting. Parents love this aspect of the LITClub experience. Reading the same book as their older children brings back memories to the mom who enjoyed "snuggle reading time" with her young ones year ago. Kids love the LITClub because they get to hang out with their friends and eat fun themed meals. And, if truth be told, they love the brain candy of discussing important topics in a safe environment.

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