Serendipity (Saurellian Federation, #1.5)

Joanna Wylde

3.5 stars! I thought this was a very cute short story. It is about pilgram, Sarai, who has committment issues due to her previous horrible marriage and Jax is a Saurellian soldier who has found his lifemate in Sarai. Jax is a very sweet, forgiving, alpha-male who tries to win Sarai's heart in every turn. Sarai, on the other hand, keeps pushing Jax away because she doesn't want to be ruled by a man. I thought it got a little annoying that Sarai kept pushing him away, but it was sweet how Jax always tried to get inside her heart.I loved the bond that Jax developed with Sarai's children, Able and Mali. I thought Able was so hilarious and Mali was absolutely adorable. I loved the ending where Mali makes a final wish for Able. What I also loved about this book are the steamy scenes with Sarai and Jax. Joanna Wylde seems to have a knack for steamy scenes in this series. I just thought this book needed a little more angst and drama. All in all it is a very short, but sweet book. I would gladly read it again.

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