Weight Loss for the Mind

Stuart Wilde

All of Stuart Wilde's books are priceless.I enjoy all of his readings and discoveries into the nature of existence and how we may be able to life ourselves up higher and higher.

Some of the interesting tid-bits of wisdom I gathered from this tiny-little book include:
1.We perceive what we believe
2.Serenity flows naturally from a heightened perception.
3.If you are diligent, and you concentrate and take right action, you'll most likely always get the best result.But you must love life and accept it when it doesn't go your way. (When faced with an adverse situation, don't react, just accept it.Act calmly.Act powerfully.If you don't know what to do immediately, do nothing - wait until the answer comes to you.)
4.Buy the solution - not the emotion
5.In leaning emotionally toward your dreams, you actually push them away.Yearning is a powerful affirmation that categorically states, "I do not have the thing I yearn for."

And lots of other wonderful quotes of wisdom sprinkled throughout this book of wisdom.Enjoy the read.

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