Return To Backsight (Floating Outfit, #61)

J.T. Edson

Knowing that this is the last adventure of the full floating outfit always causes me to read it with a heavy heart. Many of the supporting characters, including the main villain, were introduced earlier in the series in Wagons to Backsight and much of the plot hinges on events from it.

Putting a bounty on Dusty Fog's head might have seemed like a quick way to get rid of him, but it proves to be a dangerous one when the Ysabel Kid and Waco come looking for answers. In the meantime the an attack on an old friend sees Dusty and Mark filling in as the town's law while searching for an old enemy who is stirring up trouble. The conclusion to this story sets up Waco's spin-off Arizona Ranger series (specifically Waco's Badge) and the floating outfit is reduced to its three core members (Dusty, Mark and the Kid) for the final few books of the series.

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