Our Love Will be Remembered


It's the chase.
It's only the chase that is appealing.
Once you get it, there's no fun anymore. It gets predictable, it becomes boring.

You also need drama. Without drama, it's not the same. Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde, Lancelot and Guenievre—they all had it. They had that drama, that impossible love that turned it into something worth remembering. You need that drama, and a sense of duty, where love and responsibility collide. If you can do that, you've got yourself one heck of a love story.

Because who cares about the happily ever after? Isn't it the point of the used-up already ready to write sentence? You just skip it all, and resume it with a good "And they lived happily ever after. THE END." Because that's the beginning of the end. Because the everyday life kills the love, kills the passion and what was once unconditional love slowly dies under the monotony of routine.

But if you really want it to be epic you also need something else.


All those stories, all those perfectly romantic stories, at the end, they all died. They died so their love never would. They died but their love lived on. Their love made them worth remembering. Their love made them simply worth.

Follow Tristan as he shares his story, the story of every girl he loved, of every girl he killed and of the one love that felt impossible to end, even for him.

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