Peach Dollhouse

Sevyn McCray

January 15th !

Nothing stays the same…… ever!!!!

Tired of walking the streets of San Francisco selling their bodies and not reaping anything from it, Keymah and Diamond try to come up with a plan to come from under the hard regime of their cold-blooded pimp P-Sly. Looking for any way out of their misery, Keymah tries out the Sugar Babies website to find her an older man to be her ‘knight in shining armor’.

Jade is finally happy again. She didn’t think that she would bounce back after her wealthy father was indicted by feds. Just when she thinks things couldn’t get any worst for her, Payton Sly rescued her. Payton showers Jade with love, gifts and provides her every need, but Jade finds out that everything ain’t what it is cracked up to be with Payton and just like her father, he is living a double life.

Turning over a new leaf and living in Atlanta is like a dream come true, the girls try to right all of their wrongs by doing good deeds and in the meantime building an empire along with the way. Some things you can’t run from, and that includes murder, blasts from pasts and women with chips on their shoulders. Welcome to the Peach Dollhouse where if you think it can’t happen….. It will!!!!

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