The Development of Management Science

Charles Babbage

The first volume concentrates on early texts which first defined and clarified the approach to management, such as Robert Owen's address To the Superintendants of Manufactories. Owen's insistence that the volume and quality of a worker's output were influenced by the conditions of the total environment, shaped the direction of management theory. Selections from Henry Metcalfe on the science of administration, Henry Laurence Gantt introducing the concept of motivation and Henry Robinson Towne on the importance of an organized exchange of experience among managers, made equally valid contributions to different aspects of management theory. Charles Babbage's On the Economy of Machines and Manufactures is probably the earliest and most significant work as it sets the premises on which modern management theory is based: that definite principles of management exist; that they can be determined by experience; and that they can be applied broadly through the interchange of this experience. The four volumes devoted to Frederick Winslow Taylor pay tribute to his status as the most influential of the management pioneers.

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