Andrew Michael Schwarz

I am Thomas Hunter, a paranormal investigator and part-time ghost charmer. I walk a thin line where the shadows of perception reshape the definition of reality.

I used to be a cop, I used to have a wife. Then I died.

When I woke up, I had three entities in my head, a bad case of amnesia, and an insider’s view of the occult.

I named myself Hunter because it expresses what I do.

Lately, two corpses have shown up in the San Francisco morgue. They have something unique about them: they don't decompose. The Vatican claimed them as holy relics, but alive these stiffs were no more Catholic than Crowley.

I wasn't the first choice for the case, but I might be the best. See, I find what the cops and private dicks miss, but I have to do it my way.

I am Thomas Hunter, and nothing is what it seems.

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