Jon Bradbury

Misty Jordan is happily married to her husband of 20 years, or that's what she tells her friends. Secretly, though, she reads the novels of Joshua Walker and dreams of meeting him.

Joshua Walker is dissatisfied with his marriage to Kathy. So he pours all his effort into his career as a writer, especially after his agent Raquel Strawberry gets him a meeting with Misty Jordan at Alicia Prince Productions.

When these two meet, all their fantasies will come true.


Luck was with me. I went down the central hallway, just in time to see Raquel, as she stood up from her yoga mat. I waved and managed to catch her eye. She waved back and smiled brightly, and then came out into the hallway, patting her face with a towel, her cafe au lait curves encased in a tiny little red sports bra and shorts.
“Hey!” She came up and gave me a big hug, despite her sweaty skin. I felt her lips against my earlobe, and her tits against my chest.
She stayed in my arms for what seemed like a long time. I didn't mind.
Then she pulled back, her nails scratching my back. “Thanks for picking me up. Darryl had a very important client coming in.”
“Yeah, Samantha told me. It's all good.”
“Well, still, thanks. I know you're not exactly blessed with an endless supply of free time.”
“Did you get the email I sent you?”
“Yes, I did. I'll have Samantha print out your materials tomorrow morning.”
“Right. Thanks.”
“Sure! It's actually a good thing you had to pick me up.”
“And why is that?”
Raquel smiled like she had a secret, just like in her office. “Well, besides having to take me home, you might just get to meet my friend. If she can finish her meditation and get out here.”
“This wouldn't happen to be the same friend you talked to this morning?”
“The very same!”

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