Fresh books

Cardinal Wiseman's works

  • Nicholas Wiseman
  • 15.06.2017

This is a reproduction of a book published before 1923. This book may have occasional imperfections...

Sword and Brush

  • Dave Lowry
  • 15.06.2017

This moment of perfect clarity that is the force behind all the traditional Japanese arts—from...

Noć u Brelima

  • Nura Bazdulj-Hubijar
  • 15.06.2017

- Moraš nastaviti živjeti.- Kako?- Prosto. Ne stajati u mjestu, krenuti,...

The Drum and the Hoe

  • Harold Courlander
  • 15.06.2017

Excellent Book on Haitian music and a great one to accent some of the the more positive features of...

The One-Eyed People Eater

  • Joan Holub
  • 15.06.2017

Odysseus tackles a monstrous challenge in this illustrated Level 3 Ready-to-Read retelling of the...


  • Marc Adams
  • 15.06.2017

ON THE MOON, EVERYONE HAS A DARK SIDE.One hundred years in the future, enormous mining...

The Russian Revolution

  • Alan Moorehead
  • 15.06.2017

WW II's abrupt end brought us many gifts, none stranger than the papers of the German State. These...

Debt-Proof Your Marriage

  • Mary Hunt
  • 15.06.2017

Written for beginners of financial planning (exactly where I am), this book suggests ways to...

Facts about Teenage Pregnancies

  • Bill Gillham
  • 15.06.2017

This text presents facts and figures about the incidence of teenage pregnancies throughout Europe...

Kiss In The Dark

  • Meryl Sawyer
  • 15.06.2017

Yet ANOTHER winner from Meryl Sawyer! Things were going well for Royce Anne Winston, a top...

Girl Comics #1

  • Trina Robbins
  • 15.06.2017


Waiting For The All Clear

  • Ben Wicks
  • 15.06.2017

Anyone who's interested in the London Blitz should put this on their reading list immediately. I...

Stories from the Haunted South

  • Alan Brown
  • 15.06.2017

When Alan Brown published his well-received "Haunted Places in the American South," a kind of...


  • Max Henry
  • 15.06.2017

Stephanie Drake, or Steph as she's known to her friends, is lost. Somewhere between the end of her...

The Four Sublime States

  • David Tuffley
  • 15.06.2017

The Four Sublime States were a subject very dear to the heart of the Buddha. He spoke of them...

The Mercy Contracts

  • Paul Wornham
  • 15.06.2017

Tall, scruffy private investigator Caleb Pike knows insurance fraud and enjoys catching those who...


  • Frederick Luis Aldama
  • 15.06.2017

Mex-Ciné offers an accessibly written, multidisciplinary investigation of...


  • Ilse Aichinger
  • 15.06.2017

Am 1. Januar 2005, nach Abschluss ihres Buches Unglaubwürdige Reisen, eröffnet Ilse...

The Vasa Sets Sail

  • Mats Wahl
  • 15.06.2017

Without seeing the cover picture, I'm not sure if this was the book I read.The dust cover...


  • Richie Tankersley Cusick
  • 15.06.2017

Richie Tankersley Cusick is the bestselling young adult author of over 25 titles, including two...

From Boredom to Bliss

  • Gustave Ridley
  • 15.06.2017

This book is a nonbook. Rather than assume the obvious, act as if it were an exotic piece of nature...

The Leisure Seeker

  • Michael Zadoorian
  • 15.06.2017

John and Ella Robina have shared a wonderful life for more than fifty years. Now in their eighties,...

Steam Locomotive

  • Esther Gardner
  • 15.06.2017

An illustrated history of the railroad geared toward children's education of what trains are really...

Rakas Laura

  • Tuija Lehtinen
  • 15.06.2017

Tuija Lehtinen is a Finnish writer. In 1973 she graduated from high school in Kuopio, then in 1978...

Terror Cove (Gravediggers, #2)

  • Christopher Krovatin
  • 15.06.2017

Action, laughs, and thrills make Terror Cove an exciting second book in the Gravediggers...

Cities Blank Notebooks

  • Quarry Books
  • 15.06.2017

Get ready to tour some of the most amazing cities in the world! From urban artist Gabriel...

The Cave

  • Bill Rogers
  • 15.06.2017

A group of teenagers from an inner city academy set off for an adventure holiday in the Pennine...


  • Rocci Doria
  • 15.06.2017

Rocci Doria is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area. He was born in 1979 and now lives in Reno,...

The Wealth Report Two

  • Frank Field
  • 15.06.2017

British politician elected to Parliament 1979 as Member for Birkenhead.Minister for Welfare...

Hiding in Plain Sight

  • Nuruddin Farah
  • 15.06.2017

From an acclaimed African writer, a novel about family, freedom, and loyalty....


  • John Tobler
  • 14.06.2017

From throwaway Eurovision to highly respected pop icons, ABBA's extraordinary journey...

The Fantastic 5 & 10¢ Store

  • J. Patrick Lewis
  • 14.06.2017

What lurks inside that mysterious store at the end of town? Only Benny Penny is adventurous enough...

Last Request (WVMP Radio, #0.6)

  • Jeri Smith-Ready
  • 14.06.2017

A friend of mine who loves this series suggested that I read this short story as an introduction to...

Apocalypse Bow Wow

  • James Proimos III
  • 14.06.2017

The end has come. The world is in shambles. Everyone is gone…except for the dogs!Brownie...


  • Andrew Peters
  • 14.06.2017

Las Vegas in the 60s.Mark Paris is pretty much an ex. Ex-boxer, ex-soldier,...

Technology and Economics

  • National Academy of Engineering
  • 14.06.2017

Engineers need economists' insights about the marketplace to understand how economic forces shape...

Vēl ko

  • Imants Ziedonis
  • 14.06.2017

Imanta Ziedoņa dzejoļu krājumā „Vēl ko” apkopoti agrāk...

David Carson 2ndsight

  • Lewis Blackwell
  • 14.06.2017

2ndsight is the sequel to The End of Print, the first monograph on David Carson's work. While The...

Agents of Change

  • Charles C. Heckscher
  • 14.06.2017

This work focuses on the transition faced by business organizations and their stakeholders as they...

The Young Journalist's Book

  • Nancy Bentley
  • 14.06.2017

A step-by-step approach to newspaper-making and journalism. Examples, trivia, and humor are...


  • Richard Thomas
  • 14.06.2017

Richard Thomas is a writer of non-fiction books, magazine articles and newspaper columns. He has...

Boston and New England

  • Jana Riess
  • 14.06.2017

Since 2008, Jana Riess has been an editor in the publishing industry, primarily working in...

Leonardo Sciascia

  • Matteo Collura
  • 14.06.2017

"En présentant de façon chronologique les évènements les plus significatifs de...

Stearns 2 in 1

  • Richard Stearns
  • 14.06.2017

The Hole in Our GospelWHAT DOES GOD EXPECT OF US?Is our faith just about going to...

Heartless (Heartless, #2)

  • J. Sterling
  • 14.06.2017

There’s just something about Elizabeth that Daniel can’t ignore and now he’s starting to wonder...

Weight Loss Success

  • Bill Bradley
  • 14.06.2017

Are you on a diet, or yet another diet? Are you trying to lose weight? Are you trying to maintain...

The Longshot

  • Katie Kitamura
  • 14.06.2017

Cal and his trainer, Riley, are on their way to Mexico for a make-or-break rematch with legendary...

New Alliances

  • Geoffrey Wakeling
  • 14.06.2017

When Roberta was infected with a curse, she never realised the hidden world waiting for her....


  • Joe Bonomo
  • 14.06.2017

Selected for the 2007 National Poetry Series by Naomi Shihab Nye The prose...

Pirates, Bats, and Dragons

  • Mike Davis
  • 14.06.2017

The sequel to Land of the Lost Mammoths, Pirates, Bats, and Dragons takes place on the Arab island...

The Bells

  • Edgar Allan Poe
  • 14.06.2017

"The Bells" is a heavily onomatopoeic poem by Edgar Allan Poe which was not published until after...

Heartwishes (Edilean, #5)

  • Jude Deveraux
  • 14.06.2017

Gemma Ranford wants the job cataloging the documents of the Frazier family so much that she is...

The Lighted Heart

  • Elizabeth Yates
  • 14.06.2017

Elizabeth Yates, author of over forty books for children, was born in New York State on December...


  • P.K. Hallinan
  • 14.06.2017

It is a good book because it has short sentences and it is also a rhyming book. So it’s fairly easy...


  • Alois Mrštík
  • 14.06.2017

Klasické české drama z vesnického prostředí. Maryša je...